Doe                                                            Buck                                                  Price

                All buck choices are tentative until due date is listed.


Kid prices are based on the achievements of their dam and sometimes their sire. Our pricing chart is located at the bottom of this page. We offer a $50.00 discount to herds enrolled in DHI or LA. Please mention this discount when purchasing from us if you qualify.

When making a reservation please let me know where you are located and how you plan to receive a kid should one become available to you, farm pick up, ground transport or airline shipping.


All kids born in 2021 will be bottle fed and ready for their new homes at eight weeks old. Kids leaving here at eight weeks old will still be getting one bottle of milk a day and that will need to be continued until they are ready to wean. If you do not have fresh goat milk available to give your kid please let me know in advance and I can transition your kid over to cows milk for you. I will not be deciding which kids I will retain until they reach six weeks old. Once I notify you that I have a kid available for you, payment is due in full. I will take one set of pictures of each kid for the website if you need more than that to make a purchase decision, I suggest you make a trip here to look at the kid in person. 

Because I am not getting any younger and I choose to keep my herd small, I sometimes retain more kids than I choose to keep through the winter. I retain the right to place those few animals in selected homes and will not necessary refer back to my reservation list when determining where those kids go. 

We are always happy to supply proof of herd testing to anyone who asks. We will be doing a whole herd biosecurity screen in 2020. We don't do this every year due to having so many years of negative tests. Any new or returning animals are tested for CAE, Johnes and CL before they enter the herd.

Please keep in mind, I do not automatically carry over reservations from one year to the next. Once kids are born to the breeding that you have a reservation on, if we have no kids available for you, then you must let me know if you want that reservation carried over to the next year.

We reserve the right to retain any kid born here at any time.           


SGCH Double Sundog GS Cattle Annie 1*M X Almar Acres Black Sage *B

Not taking reservations on this breeding

IMG_7722 (4).JPG

SGCH Castle Rock Angelika 3*M X Dragonfly APT Aramus

Not taking reservations on this breeding Angie has not settled in a few years.

IMG_6173 (3).JPG


Buck/Doe TS

Buck SES

Bucks will inherit *B

SGCH Camanna MD Alshanee Moon 1*M X Castle Rock Akikta +*B

IMG_6173 (3).JPG



Doe AY

Buck BC

Doe EC

Buck JP

moonspots possible

Almar Acres O Chocolate Chip 3*M X Castle Rock Akikta +*B

Reservations are full on this breeding

IMG_7304 (2).JPG
IMG_7722 (4).JPG


Buck/Doe TS

Doe KB

Buck BB

Polled Possible

Bucks will inherit *B

GCH Castle Rock Fire N Spice 4*M X Dragonfly APT Aramus

Reservations are full on this breeding

IMG_6088 (2).JPG
IMG_7553 (4).JPG


Doe- WM

Buck- SM


Polled Possible

Almar Acres Elsa X Violet's Acre BA School's Out

Reservations are full on this breeding

IMG_5909 (2).JPG
IMG_7722 (4).JPG



Doe CM


Buck kids will inherit *B

Polled  possible

GCH Almar Acres HS Miss Behaven 2*M X Dragonfly APT Aramus

Doe reservations are full on this breeding

IMG_6173 (3).JPG


Buck BB

Buck SM

Doe LS

Doe/Buck AR

GCH Dragonfly ARG Maine Attraction 2*M  X Castle Rock Akikta +*B

Reservations are full on this breeding

IMG_7569 (2).JPG


Doe MS

Almar Acres Pearl X Almar Acres Black Sage *B

IMG_7326 (2).JPG
IMG_6173 (3).JPG

Almar Acres Topaz X Castle Rock Akikta +*B

Doe reservations are full on this breeding


Doe WM

Doe AR

Buck SG

IMG_7722 (4).JPG



Doe MS

Polled Possible

Camanna RM Moonlit Sky X Dragonfly APT Aramus

First Fresheners

We will not be taking reservations for buck kids out of our first fresheners. 



Almar Acres Painted Lady X Stayawhile CC Blank Check *B


Almar Acres Lucky Penny X 


Almar Acres Right As Rain X Stayawhile CC Blank Check *B


Almar Acres Almond Joy X Stayawhile CC Blank Check *B


All kids born in 2021 will be bottle fed and will be ready for their new homes at eight weeks old. I prefer to bottle feed my kids until about 12 weeks old but it is up to you as a buyer what age you wean your kid.  All kids born here are disbudded (unless polled) no exceptions.

Reservations are free, we allow two choices per intended purchase, in hopes of filling everyone's request. We just ask that at anytime should circumstances change, and a purchase is not attainable, that you let us know so that your reservation can be opened up to someone else.


 We will contact those with reservations in place first, before offering any of our kids for sale. Contact will be made through email or FB private messaging. We will wait 48hours for your reply at which time we will go to the next reservation in line, if we don't hear from you. Please follow us on Facebook as we post our kiddings as they arrive.

Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to retain any kid, at any time. If money has been paid on that kid it will be refunded in full.

Wethers will be offered for sale after they are weaned. Price $250 each or two for $400.

            Pricing Chart

Base Price $450

National winning offspring ( Dam or Sire ) + $100

Finished Champion +$200

E in mammary +$50

LA score 90 or above +$50

Milk star in Volume +$50

SG (Dam or Sire )+$50

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