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               Lil Miss B Haven GC Falco

DOB: 3-24-2021
Sire:Agape's Prize Gold Centerfold
GCH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable
CH Wood Bridge Farm 22K Gold
2021 ADGA National Grand Champion

Dam:Lil Miss B Haven Francine 4*M
DS:Agape's Prize Sulaymaan Quinn +*B
DD:GCH Lil Miss B Haven Francesca 3*M

Dam: Lil Miss B Haven Francine 4*M   (PC Lil Miss B Haven)

Francine milked 1360lbs on her 3rd lactation, 305 DIM

                       PC Lil Miss B Haven


Sire'sDam: CH Wood Bridge Farm 22K Gold 

Grand Champion 2021 ADGA Nationals

                      PC Agape's Prize

Sire: Agape's Prize Gold Centerfold (PC Lil Miss B Haven)

Sire of the 2023 Jr Grand Champion

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