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                         Almar Acres Elsa

DOB 3/8/2017

Sire: Almar Acres Takoda *B

SS: Castle Rock Akikta +*B

SD:SGCH Camanna MD Alshanee Moon 1*M

Dam: SGCH Castle Rock Angelika 3*M VVEE 91

DS: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B 2019 ADGA Premier sire

DD: SGCH Castle Rock Annika 2*M



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First freshening

Elsa has had difficulty carrying pregnancies' to full term. We will give her one more try, but if she aborts again she will be retired. She will not be included on the kidding schedule for this reason.

LA 2019 ++VV 84 (FF)

                  KIDDING HISTORY

2019- 2 D (Aborted, WADD Lab could find no cause)

2020 1B

2021-aborted 2D 

      1-11               154                  453                 29                   6.40               20                 4.42


Jr Champion, Wild Rose show 2018  


Reserve Champion, NEWDGA Show 2019  


Reserve Champion, NEWDGA Show 2019  


Reserve Champion, Wild Rose Show Clayton, Wa 2019